Age of Entanglement – Art, Science, Engineering, and Design

Software Projects need to be executed differently in this Age of Entanglement where disciplines hinder our innovation.

“The role of Science is to explain and predict the world around us; it ‘converts’ information into knowledge. The role of Engineering is to apply scientific knowledge to the development of solutions for empirical problems; it ‘converts’ knowledge into utility. The role of Design is to produce embodiments of solutions that maximize function and augment human experience; it ‘converts’ utility into behavior. The role of Art is to question human behavior and create awareness of the world around us; it ‘converts’ behavior into new perceptions of information, re-presenting the data that initiated the KCC in Science. At this ‘Cinderella moment’—when the hands of the KCC strike midnight—new perception inspires new scientific exploration.”

Neri Oxman

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By Scott Pineapple

software engineer & photographer
Scott is a passionate Lead Software Engineer based in Sydney NSW, transforming industries using innovative, collaborative, and lean software engineering practices.

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