Scott is a passionate Lead Software Engineer based in Sydney NSW, transforming industries using innovative, collaborative, and lean software engineering practices. He is leading a small Pineapple Team of cross skilled professionals under the trusted reputation and guidance of Scott Pineapple.

Our Pineapple Team are here to offer their services so you can achieve your business objectives. Providing services including agile project delivery/management; software design, development, test; consulting; product management.

Let’s chat about a project that could use my experience to increase your return on investment; or technical guidance and review; or perhaps a nonprofit collaboration.


Services broadly cover:

👨‍💻 Software engineering & technical leadership (design, develop, test) and solution guidance (architecture, tech stack selection)

📊 Agile project delivery (consulting in industry best approaches, methodologies, execution guidance)

🤔 Team leadership (listen, guide, inspire, motivate)

🚀 Product management (roadmaps, requirements, feature analysis)

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Otherwise, you’ll find his photography and design services under newyphotos.