Team Story

About Scott

Scott Pineapple based in Sydney NSW is passionate about leading software engineering teams to achieve big impact. With collaboration, diversity, and agility being a part of the secret.

With deep technical experience in a range of industries including designing, developing, testing in Financial Services, Defence, Aerospace, and Digital Commerce. From individually contributing to codebases in Java, Kotlin, Swift, C/C++, and TypeScript to creating and leading teams with excellent software delivery capabilities and inspiring culture.

Scott continues to deliver key results for both startups and global companies through his constant learning and experience throughout the software development lifecycle and agile delivery approaches. This takes great strength and the ability to overcome personal and professional adversity. He does this because of a passion for tech’s impact on society, businesses, and global markets.

He developed his first website in 2004 with a passion that hasn’t stopped 17 years later in 2021. Obsessed with applying his skills and knowledge of software engineering on projects from tech disruptors and startups, to larger, more complex and safety critical over the last 8 years.

Scott Pineapple

Leading The Lending Transformation
Scott is currently leading a lending team with their transformation at the Greater Bank. Being a customer-owned bank of 75 years and headquartered in Newcastle, they have a significant value proposition for the Hunter region. This transformation brings on a new banking capability built in the cloud. Running containerised services backend implemented in Kotlin on Google Kubernetes Engine with native Swift/iOS and Kotlin/Android mobile apps, delivered to users four times a week by GitLab CI/CD.

Inbound Marketing Web Ecosystems
Before Scott joined Greater Bank a year ago, he thrived as a Web Developer for an Inbound Marketing Agency & Engineering company from 2012-2016.

International Projects And Upgrading Defence Capabilities
Following onwards in 2016-2020, Scott joined Boeing Defence Australia in the Aerospace & Defence industry for 5 years working on one of the Royal Australian Air Force’s most advanced capabilities.

Broad Engineering Exposure
During the last 10 years, Scott has provided software design and development, web design and development, mobile app development, IT solutions, engineering project management and consulting. Including other products and services under his photography and design brand newyphotos.

Tech Disruption
Scott’s curiosity lead him into startup culture after seeing tech disruptors and startups transform industries and create new markets. Often attending conferences, accelerators, incubation hubs, and hackathons to learn new ways of delivering software products and services in entirely new ways. This path lead to some of his personal favourites including:

  • 54 Hour Unearthed Hackathon + Young Innovator Award
    Scott’s team delivered a prototype that optimised schedules for autonomous copper mining loaders. Winning two awards for our innovative approach and our simulator.
  • $15,000 NSW Government + PwC Open Innovation Grant
    Designed and pitched an interactive coal train scheduling tool to better visualise the Hunter Valley coal network for Hunter Valley Coal Chain.

About our Pineapple Team

Scott is leading a small Pineapple Team of cross skilled professionals under the trusted reputation and guidance of Scott Pineapple.

Our team are here to offer their services so you can achieve your business objectives. By providing services including software/web design and development + project management and consulting.

About our clients

Our team value our clients above all else. We build trusting professional relationships which allow us to trial new approaches and technologies, with fast iterative customer feedback through the lifecycle.

Scott and our team deliver products and services in a range of industries, with achievements in Marketing, eCommerce, Aerospace, Defence, Financial Services, Fashion, Retail, Artisan, and Agricultural. From startups to billion dollar projects for businesses such as Boeing, Greater Bank, Archer & Paige, MBO and others including non-disclosure high security customers.

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